Inbox Pause: Take a Break From Your Inbox

Inbox Pause is a Chrome/Firefox extension that adds a Pause button to your Gmail or Google Apps inbox.

Inbox Pause
Oliver Burkeman

"Inbox Pause" -- adds a pause/unpause button to your Gmail. I think this might be a work of genius!

Oliver Burkeman

Use Inbox Pause to:

  • Clear your inbox without getting distracted by incoming messages!
  • Suppress notifications and new discussions while you're trying to get work done!
  • Turn off email while you're on vacation!
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How does Inbox Pause work?

When you click the button, it will:

  1. Create a Gmail Filter that will forward all emails to an Inbox-Pause label.
  2. (optional) Create a Gmail vacation responder for you.
  3. Add a banner to your Gmail page so you don't forget that your Inbox is paused.

When you click the button again, it will:

  1. Move all the messages in the Inbox-Pause label back to your inbox, unread.
  2. Delete the Inbox-Pause label.
  3. Cancel your Gmail vacation responder, if one was set up previously when the inbox was paused.

We use Google's OpenId and Gmail OAuth to move messages on your behalf. You can do everything above manually, but it's a lot more fun and convenient with a single-click button!


With email pausing and scheduling, we can really control email—instead of having it control us.

Melanie Pinola, Lifehacker
The Guardian

I've been using it for several weeks now, and I love it.

Oliver Burkeman, The Guardian